Dr. John Cosgrove

The Executive Director, Dr. John Cosgrove, is a West Point graduate, retired U.S. Army Major, longtime resident of Chattanooga, and is a respected member of the financial and banking community. He is a former President of Mellon Bank and Merrill Lynch of Southeast United States. Dr. Cosgrove has been uniquely tied to the law enforcement profession his entire life as his father was the longest serving Police Officer in the history of the Michigan State Police. His son-in-law is also an FBI Agent.

Message from Executive Director John Cosgrove

It is my honor to serve you and our community as Executive Director of AEGIS Foundation. Our name comes from Greek mythology – AEGIS means to support and protect. Supporting our men and women in blue is important work, which helps keep our entire community safe.

In this role, I bring decades of experience in managing, leading and directing companies and agencies. My values-based leadership guides my decision making and supports the mission of AEGIS and law enforcement. In the past, I developed and led strategic plans, generating revenue in the top 2% at Merrill Lynch and UBS. At AEGIS, I apply the same manner of producing results to ensure our law enforcement and neighbors have what they need to be safe in Hamilton County and the Chattanooga region.

In directing AEGIS, I focus on training and developing leaders, building community relationships and creating collaborative environments. AEGIS will only be successful if the entire business and civic community of Hamilton County and the Chattanooga area support our efforts. Together, we can create solutions to help our law enforcement and reduce harm in our community.

As a high-energy and passionate leader, I’m always ready to stand up in support of my community. By helping leaders realize their great potential, we will improve the well-being of the Greater Chattanooga region and shield our community from harm.

A Special Message from the AEGIS Foundation Board

AEGIS Foundation recognizes the important and lasting contributions of the late Tom Edd Wilson, our former Executive Director and everlasting champion of our efforts. Tom was well loved by the community and all who had the pleasure to know him or work with him. We are honored by the many days and hours he gave to AEGIS. With his guidance, we secured the tools and resources to assist our law enforcement in keeping our community safe. Under his leadership, we increased our ability to preserve the safety of people in Hamilton County and beyond. We will carry his legacy forward by ensuring our law enforcement receive the best training possible and the resources to help them and their families.