Who we are

The AEGIS Law Enforcement Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the needs of local law enforcement agencies that primarily comprise the Greater Hamilton County.

Originally began by Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond in February 2011, the Sheriff’s Foundation was created as a means of supporting the needs of local law enforcement in Hamilton County. An Executive Board was also created comprised of local business leaders and community stakeholders to help strengthen the bond of local law enforcement and the business community and to help raise money from the private sector.

After seeing the demand for additional financial funding and critical needs continue to increase for local law enforcement agencies within Hamilton County and the surrounding area, the decision was made in September of 2013 by Sheriff Jim Hammond and the Executive Board to rebrand and restructure the Sheriff’s Foundation. The new foundation would be known as the AEGIS Law Enforcement Foundation of Greater Chattanooga. Under the rebranding initiative, the goal of the foundation was to include other agencies outside of Hamilton County.

The AEGIS Law Enforcement Foundation is led by an Executive Director and an Executive Board of Directors comprised of local business leaders in our community and an Advisory Board comprised of the Sheriff of Hamilton County and the Chiefs of Police of Red Bank, Soddy Daisy, East Ridge, Signal Mountain, Collegedale, Lookout Mountain, and Chattanooga.

Making a Difference in Local Law Enforcement Operations

The AEGIS Law Enforcement Foundation’s goal is to raise funding to help purchase equipment, technology, command staff level training, and innovative community programs to help build safer communities.

Since its conception in 2011 and subsequent rebranding in 2013, the AEGIS Law Enforcement Foundation has been able to provide over a quarter million dollar in funds to local law enforcement agencies to purchase a variety of important items necessary for daily operations such as purchasing trained police canines, bulletproof vests and equipment for K-9 operations, and a state-of-the-art Firearms Simulator for law enforcement firearms training.

The Foundation has also been highly successful raising funds necessary to support innovative leadership training seminars for area law enforcement personnel aimed at improving leadership, professionalism, and character development amongst the ranks of local law enforcement.

What does aegis mean?

The term “AEGIS” has roots in both the Latin and Greek languages and was often used to describe something that provided protection to those in need. In the 15th century, the English language began to define “AEGIS” as a word to describe a “shield.” Today, the term AEGIS has become synonymous with the historical view of law enforcement being the “shield” or protectors of our society.